“The Agency for Development of Civil Society” consists of experts and community activists, representatives of various public organizations and movements, united by common values,
and desire to build a new civil society in Ukraine. The initiative group was engaged in information security topics since the time of the Revolution of Dignity.

Our organization specializes in non-formal education events in various topics (media literacy, active citizenship, human rights, inclusion, self-development, culture and art, etc) and raising awareness of information technologies’ influence on society.
Mission: To establish a single independent and sustainable information environment in Ukraine by consolidating citizens and increased the level of efficiency of the civil society.

Strategic goals:

  • The creation of a single, healthy information environment in Ukraine;
  • Building social networks of active Ukrainians through cooperation with the regions, help in building a network of NGOs and active communities not only in large, but also in smaller cities, towns and villages;
  • Decentralisation and raising up responsible citizens in villages and smaller towns.

We’re a member of Butterfly Dreamer international network, with the main aim of recognition of youthwork and NFE.

ADCS is a partner of the British Council Active Citizens program (dozens of local Social Action projects were organized all over Ukraine, local communities were activated and trained on
how to research problems existing in the community, lead a peaceful dialogue and advocate for their needs) and UNDP Sustainable Cities program